20 Resources to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Blog

Every successful blog has an appealing design, high quality photos and properly formatted, easy-to-read text. Today, I am going to cover the high quality photos part.

If you haven’t noticed, I use pictures on all of my posts. This makes them that much more pleasant to read. In other words, you should use high quality photos on your website, no matter what your niche is. This is especially true for food blogs.

However, there are three ways to go about it.

  • Steal someones’ work using Google image search.
  • Purchase either a monthly license, or pay for each image individually using stock photo services like Shutterstock, Bigstock, or iStock, which may cost an enormous amount of money (I’ve no clue why).
  • Or you can use peoples’ work legally by using stock photos, which are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

I recommend using the third way, especially if you don’t want to get in legal trouble down the road. Here are some amazing resources for all of your photo needs.

1. Pexels

Pexels is by far my favourite web resource for stock photos. Hundreds of photos are uploaded every day and there’s a large collection available already.

Of course, it’s not as big as the premium services, but 9 out of 10 times you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Pexels.com screenshot

2. BarnImages

BarnImages was created by two photographers from Latvia with a simple goal – redefining traditional stock photography.

They update their collection every weekday, with high quality photos which are available for personal and commercial use. Quite a decent collection of photos in various categories.

Sadly, no images of barns so far.

BarnImages.com screenshot

3. Foodie’s Feed

Foodiesfeed is a large collection of high quality, mouth-watering food photos. If you’re starting a food blog, but don’t have the equipment to produce quality photos for your blog, you can use theirs for the time being.

Or you can just stare at the food all day. Also additional photos are available in a founder’s premium pack, which is a steal considering the amount of high quality photos you get. It’s a good way to support the author.

FoodiesFeed screenshot

4. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io is another incredible resource with amazing free stock photography you can use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Hundreds of different categories available, which almost guarantees you’ll find something that is suitable for your next project.

StockSnap.io screenshot

5. Kaboompics

Kaboompics – is a very interesting resource for free stock photos. The website is run by Karolina, who’s a photographer, graphic artist and a website creator. And that really shows.

My most favourite feature of her website is the ability to search by colour. This makes that much easier to find an image for your blog, or business if you’re looking for a specific colour combination.

At the time of writing there are 5479 images available for free.

Kaboompics screenshot

6. picjumbo

picjumbo – was found by a young photographer from Czech Republic. His photos weren’t accepted to major stock photo providers, so he decided to create his own site, where people could download his photos for free.

Currently his website has over 1,500 free stock photos. In addition, if you like his work you can support him via premium membership, or by purchasing an all in one pack.

picjumbo sceenshot

7. Pixabay

Pixabay is probably the largest online resource for free stock photos and images with over 1,100,000 available. What makes this website stand out from others is all types of digital content.

Photos, images, vector graphics, illustrations and even videos are available for free download. It’s definitely worth checking out. You may find a new intro animation for your videos if you’re a YouTuber. You never know.

Pixabay screenshot

8. Unsplash

Unsplash currently has over 200,000 high resolution photos available for free. With so many different categories you can find something special and unique no matter what niche you’re in. Photos from Unsplash have even been used in Apple’s keynotes, and that means one thing – quality.

Unsplash screenshot

9. FreeImages

FreeImages is the ultimate resource with over 300,000 high quality free photos and illustrations for everyday use. Categories ranging from religion to weaponry, I’m sure it’s a great place to find something you may not find on other similar websites.

FreeImages screenshot

10. Picography

Picography was created by a web design studio from Ireland called Hidden Depth. It’s not an easy website name to spell, but they have a solid collection of photos you can use. It’s not as big as other previously mentioned websites, but maybe there’s something for you.

Picography screenshot

11. iFreeStock

iFreeStock is another small free photo resource available for your photo needs. Although, the variety of their photos are quite limited, it’s still worth trying out. The website is still growing, so make sure you visit on a regular basis.

I’m sure more different photos will appear eventually. Or if you’re a photographer, why not contribute?iFreeStock screenshot

12. RawPixel

Rawpixel is another great resource for inspiration and beautiful photos. But there are a few downsides to this website. One, registration is required for you to access the free image gallery. Two, their free image gallery is quite limited. But it’s still free, so who am I to complain?

Rawpixel screenshot

13. Burst by Shopify

Burst is a free stock photo resource, which is powered by one of the most popular ecommerce solutions online called Shopify. They have thousands of photos spread over multiple categories.

They’ve built the website with the goal of inspiring entrepreneurs, designers and bloggers to creating incredible sites and marketing campaigns. Basically, they’ve built it for me and you.

Burst by Shopify screenshot

14. FreeStocks

FreeStocks – Over 50 pages of high quality stock photos. Only a handful of different categories, but I’m confident there are plenty of hidden gems inside. Start looking!

FreeStocks screenshot

15. NegativeSpace

NegativeSpace may sound like a weird name for a photo website, but as the creators explain, it’s not a space of negativity. Rather a photo concept, where the main object is in focus and everything behind is blurred, so the viewer knows what to look at. Plenty of stunning photos can be found there.

NegativeSpace screenshot

16. Gratisography

Gratisography – I was wrong. This is the name that’s impossible for me to both pronounce and type. Apparently, all photos on the website were taken by Ryan McGuire, who happens also to be the founder.

He’s a really good artist and it shows in his work. My favourite category is whimsical for two reasons: I learned a new word, and the photos are amusing.

Gratisography screenshot

17. SkitterPhoto

SkitterPhoto was founded in 2014 by amateur photographers from the Netherlands who wanted to share their work with the world. It’s not as popular as other sources, but there are still plenty of high quality images you can use. In addition, you can help them by contributing some of your work.SkitterPhoto screenshot

18. ShotStash

ShotStash – another small and not a well-known resource with a decent selection of high quality stock photos which are completely free. Since it’s not so popular, you can find something no one used before. So make sure you give it a visit.

ShotStash screenshot

19. LifeOfPix

LifeOfPix – was created by a creative agency called Leeroy based in Canada. There are various photos and videos available for free use, updated weekly. My only criticism of their website is that it feels very clunky, but that might be just me.

LifeOfPix screenshot

20. StyledStock

StyledStock – is an incredible niche specific resource for women. It’s the perfect place to find high quality photos if you’re a beauty, fashion, or food blogger.

StyledStock screenshot


There you have it. Twenty incredible free resources for all of your photo needs. I am confident that you will never run out of free photos, images, illustrations, vector graphics, videos, because there are millions to choose from.

Have I missed something? Do you know another resource with great free stock photos? Tell me in the comments below!

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