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We use cookies to personalize content, serve better advertisements and collect data using Google Analytics.

8 Ways to Make Money Blogging

You’ve learned how to start a blog. You’ve produced some link-worthy content, now it’s time to make your first million dollars, right? Not exactly. If you’re creating a blog for the sole purpose of making money then you’re probably not that into blogging. In my opinion, this is the biggest blogging mistake you can make. But that’s not the point of this post. The appeal of internet business is flexibility….

The Single Biggest Blogging Mistake You Can Make

When it comes to blogging there are plenty of mistakes you’re going to make. Any creative endeavor requires practice, patience and hard work. Before your blog becomes successful you’ll fail multiple times. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new from these failures and continue moving forward. However, a lot of general mistakes are avoidable, fixable and usually are  not the end of the world. But there is one mistake that may instantly…

Gutenberg Tutorial: How to Not Hate the New Editor

If you haven’t updated your WordPress installation recently then you might not be aware of the fact that WordPress is switching to a new editor called Gutenberg. This editor is going to become core in the next major WordPress release (5.0), which is set to release sometime later this year. The long term goal of this change is to make the WordPress experience even more user-friendly, where anyone can create…

8 SEO Myths That Seriously Need to Die

Sometimes SEO can be quite the mystery to solve. With all the massive algorithm changes you can never be sure what actually changed, what remained the same, and what has been a total SEO myth since the dawn of search engines. With all that said, let’s take a look at the most common SEO myths that are lurking around the web. 1. SEO is dead… again Yes. SEO is dead….

Keyword Research: How to Find Keywords That Matter

Keywords are the foundation of search. Billions of keywords are used by people every day to find specific information online. Keywords are also used by search engines to sort and show the most relevant information to the user based on his request. If you want to have a successful blog, or online business you better make sure your website ranks for appropriate phrases with correct search intent behind them. Otherwise,…